About Us



Circle of Life @ Belleville Adult Medical Day Care is Managed and Operated by Professionals having exceptional skills and qualification in Healthcare Services near about a decade combined together. Our staff are licensed and certified to work in Adult Medical Day Care services.

Our Commitment 

At “Circle of Life”, it is our Mission to fight Depression, Disease, Isolation and to help our seniors live their Golden years to the fullest.

For us and for their families, they will always come “First”. We want our clients to be the picture of our success. We take great pride in our services and want our actions to speak for itself. We are always open to suggestions that make our seniors lives more comfortable and exciting. We want our seniors to live each day with Dignity, Pride and Enthusiasm.

Our Mantra is “Unity in Diversity” and it is the basis of greatness of this nation, which no other place on earth can boast of. We want that participants from all backgrounds should feel at home when they come to us.

Circle of Life adult medical day care is devoted to the care and excellence in life of the elderly. In acknowledgement of this pledge and responsibility, the facility offers and promotes a wide variety of health and social services for seniors at all levels.

Our members and their families are involved in all aspects of care and care choices.  At Circle of Life Adult Medical Day Care, we recognize the desire and ability of all individuals to remain as independent as possible as they age in place with dignity.

Our People

We put great efforts in choosing our team and we want them to take pride in serving our seniors. We make sure, they bring the best of them on the table as without a great team, nothing is possible. We have men and women helping us from various diverse backgrounds and they bring with them the best from each culture.

Our team at Circle of Life covered a diverse group of people with common pledge to ensuring access to quality care for all members at facility. Our people with multi-skills and background in Healthcare, Social work, Community Health, Education and Management, are dedicated to improving Health and Healthcare delivery.      

Our People

Our Facility & Infrastructure

We have a state of art facility, approximately 8000 sq.ft at the tip of Branch Brook Park. We are equipped with modern safety & security requirements for safety of our clients and staff. Facility has well designed kitchen to serve flavorful and nutritious meals to our clients. Facility has high speed Internet connectivity helping us to get in touch with outside world on our fingertips and on each connected electronic gazettes. We have enough fleet vehicles to provide safe, secure and timely transportation to our clients in and other excursions that they go for. Our small library is equipped with books, newspapers and other reading materials that our elderly likes.